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The Ninoshenh Community



with Community Resources

Meet the services and practitioners who are part of your Ninoshenh Community

Our bundles are our mashkiki (medicine) that we carry. Bundling means we can connect these services to Ninoshenh Counseling clients. The client decides if they would like to access these services individually or with the option to collaborate.  Collaborating could look like having meetings together to discuss wellbeing and resources in a way that wraps our services around the client, adding to the village approach.  

Each Community service you see on this page has signed an Ninoshenh (Auntie) agreement to show up and participate in collaborative support when requested by the clients. Counseling for Nimaamaa or Ninoshenh can be bundled with any of the services found on this page.  

The members of the Ninoshenh Community commit to uphold their role as an Auntie as sacred work. They are services Ninoshenh Counseling considers safe and would be useful for my family and I. We can set up a connection for you with these services at your request.  You can explore the info about them below as well as their websites and contact info.  Feel free to reach out to them at any time.

Here are our current Ninoshenh Community Member supports:

Headshot photo of Elise Ruel. Indigenous Doula with Elise Ruel Doula Services.

Elise Ruel Birth Keeper

Photo of Amy Bobb standing next to a tree. Play therapist with Little Village Play Therapy.

Amy Bobb Play Therapist (Little Village Play Therapy)


Alexis Nelson Mama Coach

Angeline_Bio photo

Angelina Day Cultivating Safe Spaces Facilitator



We’re here to help

We are here to answer questions about anything you see on this website.  At Ninoshenh Counseling we value Community. This is the first step to determine if we are a good addition to your community.  Do you have additional questions about our counseling and community services? We’d love to hear from you! Just fill out our handy form, and we’ll be in touch soon!