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Counseling Services


(s/he goes to a certain place with light, 

shines a light to a certain place)

Our Counseling Practitioners

Practitioners provide services from an Indigenous worldview. This includes resources, storytelling, and support. Such approaches may include the medicine wheel, connecting with nature, and community resources.

We are respecting space for clients to be in their truth, to walk in their debwewin (truth). Our truth is connected to all parts of us: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Roberta Frantzis Ninoshenh Counselor, RSW

Photo of Danielle Bergevin. Summer intern with Ninoshenh Counseling

Danielle Bergevin Ninoshenh Counselor, RSW

Photo of Danielle Bergevin. Summer intern with Ninoshenh Counseling
Inside of Tipi with canvas. Blue sky and clouds in background

How we can help

My intention is through the development of a strong therapeutic relationship people will connect with their debwewin (truth) to explore the many challenges life may bring their way.

Ninoshenh Counseling offers counseling support. We also offer some specializations that are available to each client should they choose. Bundling our counseling support with other supports. These supports can be your pre-existing support or we can also offer some support we regularly work with. 

The bundling of support is completely voluntary and at the discretion and lead of the client.  Bundled support can come together, and will include joint appointments with the client to review the services they are receiving, as an additional way of wrapping our village around the client. 

The following are a few programs that may fully or partially cover your counseling session fees: Ninoshenh Fund, Crime Victim Assistance Program, Employee Benefits Programs, Metis Nation BC, Band Funding

Your extended health plan may cover the cost, or portion of the cost of your visit. Check with your extended health provider to determine your coverage.
For your convenience, our practice provides direct billing services to several insurance providers.  Please bring your extended health plan information to the first visit to determine if you are eligible.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss any of the above programs.

*Please Note: Receipts not submitted for insurance claims may be tax deductible under your medical expenses. Check with your accountant or professional who prepares your income tax.

New clients are welcome to please book a free, 30 min consultation.  If we both agree to proceed with a session, you will be sent an intake package and can book your first appointment. Both the consultations and sessions can be booked using the booking calendar.

Appointments are offered in 1 hour and 1 hour 30min slots. If there are no times that match your availability, please contact us, as we may be able to accommodate. 

We also require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment, or the client will be charged 50%.

Looking for support?

Do you have additional questions about our counseling services and community of support?